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13 November 2010 @ 03:15 pm
Glee Land FAQ & Page-A-Mod  
Here you'll find the glee_land  FAQ.  Also, you can use this post to contact me.

- What is [info]glee_land ?
This is a team competition community. Here, you get placed in a team to compete against the other three in different challenges. These range from discussions (debates), fiction, icon and other graphic making, puzzles, trivia, luck games and more. All of them revolve around the (fantastically fabulous) tv show Glee!

- How does it work?
1) You have to join this community in order to participate.
2) Once you have joined, post a comment in the Audition Post.
3) Once you have applied, you will be placed into a Team and be allowed to join that team’s community.
4) Then you can enter into challenges and earn points.

- What are the teams?

Team Brittany (teambritt ), Team Kurt (teamkurt ), Team Puck (teampuck ) and Team Sue (teamsue ). The teams were choosen by votes, and there is no real difference between one and the other – just the people who are your team mates and the main character that should be in your team graphics.

- Speaking of graphics, do I have to use team icons and signatures?
No. You’re not obligated to. You use them if you wish. It’s just an easier way to display your team name.

- But entering the IMG code on every post isn’t easy!
No, not for everyone. But if you use Mozilla Firefox, there’s an add on called LJ Hook (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/619) which lets you use smilies easily. Your team banner can become one of your smilies, therefore making it easy to add to comments. Once you install in, the easiest way to edit it is to actually open a comment. Right-Click and the pop up menu shoud have LJ Hook on top. Go to “Smilies” and “Manage Smilies” where you can edit them and add your banner there. Then, all you have to do to add when commenting is: Right – Click – LJ Hook – Smilies – click on your banner name.

- That’s great. But I don’t have Photoshop. How can I participate in the many graphic challenges?
Some of the challenges will provide the option of having team members make graphics for others, for lesser points. But you don’t have to have Photoshop to make a graphic. Since many of the graphic challenges will have points for participation alone, those who have no experience at it can still get points for their team. Simple editing of a picture in MSPaint can make a banner or icon. If you want to make something more, there’s a free resource: GIMP (http://www.gimp.org/). It works very similar to Photoshop, yet it’s free for use.

- What does a Team Leader do?
Team Leaders are giving maintainer access to the team comms, therefore they can change the layout. Also, they might be my points of contact if needed. They should keep the peace in the team comms, though they can ask for my assistance at any time. Most importantly, they’re there to motivate the team. It’s not their job only. All team members are encouraged to poke and prode the others into participating. They can also take lead, or defer to another willing member, on team challenges.

- How many team members can a team have?
As many as want to join. But team should be balanced in members, so I will be making sure there’s no more than a 3 person gap between teams after they reach 10 members (currently, it’s no more than a 2 person gap).

- How much do I have to participate?
The more the better. I do ask that every member participate at least once per week. This is easiest on the discussion challenges – of which I’ll try to make sure there’s one always running. At the end of each round I’ll request all team members to comment yea or nay in whether they are going to stay active. If you need to step down, that’s ok. You can rejoin at any given time.

- It says "Maximum 5 icons" or the like.  Is that per team or person?
Unless it's stated otherwise, all challenges give the maximum per person.  So the more active team mates you have, the more points your team gets.

For Example:  If team x has 10 members and team y has 11, but in team x 9 members submitted 5 icons each, they'll get more points than team y if only 6 of their members submitted icons. 

- My question isn’t here.

Leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.